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This is a blog about telling stories that spread. Stories about remarkable products, remarkable people, and remarkable companies. And sometimes it's about people, places and things that aren't remarkable–but could be.

Thank you Seth Godin!

Finally! This webpage went LIVE today. It’s much simpler than what I had before.

Here’s why it looks like it does…

Back in December I attended a conference with about 70 people, hosted by Seth Godin.

It was remark-able. How can I possibly share with you what I learned?

I have an idea…

Read the rest of this post, take a minute to look at this site, then give me a call. I’ll share what I learned about “friends” and “strangers” visiting your site. We can talk about “Dilberts/Grouchos/Monkeys” too.

I can also share with you two graphs, related to getting projects shipped, that will blow you away. Promise.

But the real impact of the conference was this:  Most of the time, you and I already know what to do. It’s our lizard brain (our fears and our feelings that we don’t deserve to be remark-able) that holds us back.  Seth challenged us to confront them. To admit to them. And to work through them.

So there we were — 70 of us — laughing, learning, and sharing some real emotions. It felt great! 70 people, from about 7 countries, realizing that each of us, at times, have felt like frauds. And then, knowing we’re not. And learning what to do when those feelings creep back into our psyche. Because they do, and they will. But now we have tools.

Imagine this:  You’re at a business conference, you split up into groups and start working on a project. Then someone asks you, “What are you afraid of?” After you give a guarded answer he asks, “What else, this time the truth?” Followed by, “Why are you afraid?”

That was the magic of the conference. That’s part of the magic of Seth Godin.

We bring all of our experiences with us in everything we do. To ignore them is to miss an opportunity. It leads to missed deadlines, mediocre products, and excuses not to ship.

Upon leaving the conference one of my goals was a new webpage and a place for my blog — no need for a website. Friends (and friends of friends) will come here. They’ll want to know if I’m good at what I do and how to reach me. That’s it. Everything else will be discussed when we talk. No client has ever found me through a Google search and it’s unlikely one ever will, which is fine.

Before the conference, it would have been too scary for me to create a site like this. No stock photos to hide behind. No place for a long list of what I’ve done or where I’ve been. No use of, “Our company…”  (Hint:  I’m the only one here.)

So, what can I do for you? Let’s talk. I’d like to hear about you and your company. There are many ways I can help your business grow.

We’ll start with your story.  The authentic one.




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